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Play as Arya Ferrer, a skilled bad-ass blacksmith who lives in the village of Caister. She has lived a simple life with her father Leon, when one day the Prince Kaius Dubois arrives at her doorstep demanding a sword. Not just any sword, but the Royal Sword, a sword that had been made by the previous members of the Ferrer household in time for the Crown Prince’s Coronation for generations. Needing the Moonstone Flower, Arya and her companions set off on a journey to the snowy mountains. Travel with Arya as she battles against flirty princes, gruff guards and cute messengers through an icy and fun-filled journey?

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I find I can very easily relate to the Mc... largely because our personalities are actually really similar. she takes no crap; especially not from prince "I don't think you can do it cause you're a woman". so far I'm rather torn as to who my favorite character is. can't decide if I like Leif better, cause he appears to be someone who is a LOT of fun to tease, because every girl secretly loves bullying cute boys who blush so brilliantly when faced with things like little oopsies, and the word panties. on the other hand there's Alric the quiet and dependable knight. Finally... there's our egotistical prince who would be fun to bully just because someone needs to rip the silver spoon from his mouth an stuff it up his arse! actually he'll probably be my #1 victim, cause those are my favorite types to bully. over all, I'm looking forward to seeing how this story develops.


Definitely a great start.  I like the fire that the MC has, makes for a nice change from a lot of MC's where they are polite no matter what :DI found her...belt?  A little distracting with how bright it is compared to the rest of her outfit (had to go to Lemmasoft to look at the full image to figure out what it even was).  And one small thing - you may already know - the children call the MC 'Miss Ari' even if you have a custom name.  

Alaric is definitely my favourite so far <3 


We have been looking at correcting the small errors in script! But thank you for bringing this to our attention! 

I definately approve of your choice in favourites! :) 

Well, this was really,really wholesome! (especially the scenes with dad and Leif) Can't wait for more and I hope you guys are doing well!

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We're glad you liked it! We are working hard to finish the game and release it entirely! 

Leif is just such a sweet baby, I'm glad you liked him. <3

Nice! I hope our MC won't get into too much trouble, because she told the idiot prince off.

Small caveat: The text box looks too big and it covers a good chunk of the characters.

Thank you we're glad you enjoyed the demo!

We have looked into the textbox and will be making it smaller as per your suggestion! Thank you for pointing it out to us :) 

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Very fun so far! Beautiful artwork and an interesting story, can't wait to see more!

Thank you! <3  We are aiming for weekly updates, but obviously if things come up that might change!